Scavenger Hunt – Final Instructions

For those people who aren’t at the final step of the scavenger hunt, go to the the page named Scavenger Hunt.



For those people who have reached the final step of the scavenger hunt here it is.

Go to the left side of one of the pages. Scroll down until you find the vokis. Which have play buttons and are outlined in red. Then play all three vokis and one of them  have the secret message.

5 minute writing – Laughter

Today I have to write for five minutes about laughter. So, I am going to write a bunch of short stories. When I mean short. I mean short.


Once upon a time their was a lion. It led a totally normal life. With absolutely no hardships.


Once upon a time there was a boy. This boy had a mother. The mother said if you go out side he would be eaten by a lion.



Once upon a time, the lion without hardships lived in the woods near the boys house. The mother had told him that if he went outside he would be eaten by the lion. The mother said that the stupid old lion couldn’t get into their house. So the lion waited until Christmas. On Christmas eve Santa landed on top of the boys house. Santa said, “I think this is the best Christmas ever.” Then the lion ate Santa and all his reindeer. Then the lion dressed up as Santa, went down the house, and ate the mother and the boy.





Commenting is a big part of blogging because it tells people that you read the post. What I love about commenting is that you can create a conversation with the person who you are commenting too. Something annoying about commenting is that people forget to leave there blog URL in the comment and that means that you can’t visit their blog. So the next time that you comment on someones blog leave your URL, so they can respond back.


Unfortunately, there has been a huge earthquake in Nepal. So many lives have been lost. I hope nobody had any relatives or friends that were there when that happened. If you did I am so sorry. We should all try to help out. You don’t need to donate money just make posters or write a letter to someone you know that was there. Just take a moment and pay your respects to the people who died in the earthquake. Why did this earthquake happen? I am not sure. Find out and comment down below. I would love to find out what you think about the earthquake. Read about the earthquake online. Find out more and see if you can do anything to help.

The rule

I am going to show you guys a game you could play with your friends. It is called the line game. Basically, it is the umbrella game. To play all you have to say is I think I am going to draw a line from here to here. Basically you have to say you are going to draw a line and point to where you are going to draw it. The twist is that you have to say I think before you say where you are going to draw the line. The whole point of the game is for the other person to guess what the rule is. To sum it all up only you can know how to play and each of you take turns drawing lines but if they don’t say I think then they can not draw that line. The other person would guess and try different things to figure out the rule.

The Living Earth

What is the earth. Google says the planet on which we live; the world, they also say that it is the substance of the land surface; soil. Well I think it is life. Life as we know it wouldn’t be the same without it. Sure we could live on boats,but technically our ancestors would have died without the earth. Both the planet and the soil. The Earth breathes life. but sometimes it also takes life. When It breathes plants are created. When it burps earthquakes are created. When it farts… Tornadoes and stinkbugs are created.  If you want to live you better start taking care of the earth. Go to this link to learn more. Anime Abhi Is Awesome.

I am not sorry

It is national poetry month so I have decided to write a small poem.

I am not sorry

By:Anime Abhi


I am sorry I pushed my sister off a cliff,

but it really wasn’t my fault.

A magical unicorn pushed me,

so I put my hands out and stumbled powerfully.


I am sorry she’s in the hospital,

but I am not going to pay her.

To make it up to her,

 I won’t give her give her my love.


I truly am sorry.

If you don’t believe that I am sorry,

your right in doing so,

because I am not sorry.

Never Imagined

Hi today we had to write a poem. It has to do with never. This was inspired by Shel Silverstien.

Never Imagined


I never imagined a dragon riding a pig,

or a pie eating a pie.

I can’t imagine many things,

like a moldy old sock saying hi.


Yet, the one thing I can imagine,

has no place in my mind.

For all I can imagine,

is a three tailed rat that is blind.


Its the one thing I can imagine.

For I have tried and tried and tried.

To delete this image from my mind.

I have tried eating termites,

and jumping off a cliff.


But for everything I try

a different thought dies

but the one thought I hate

will still never die


Happy Face

Enokson via Compfight

Today we have to right about our favorite something. I decided to write about my favorite thing that makes me smile.

Obviously my favorite thing that makes me smile is smiley faces, especially yellow ones. The only smiley faces that I don’t like are the ones that do not not not smile. By the way that means that they do not smile, if you couldn’t understand what that meant.


Why do smiley faces make me smile. Hmm………I wonder, I wonder. Maybe, just maybe because it is smiling. It also makes me smile because no matter what it smiles. Unless you press Ctrl + Alt + down arrow. Then it doesn’t smile. Therefore, I do not like it anymore. Nonetheless, Smiley faces are my favorite face that makes me smile because it is a role model. Yes, a lifeless emoticon can be a role model. How you ask? Well it’s quite elementary my dear Watson.


It is a role model because it shows us that even in a situation you will die in always smile to the end. So I am basically saying that if someone said,”The next person who smiles will be thrown out the door of this plane with no parachute into the middle of the pacific ocean that is infested with man-eating sharks.” you should smile. Just kidding. Seriously though always smile even if you don’t want to. Watch this short video that involves smiley face emoticons. Smile.



Top Ten Things That Toads Think About

Springtime in the pond. : Stock Photo

We have to write about toads today. So I decided to write about what toads think about. How do I know this? I have my sources, and no they aren’t toads… well, maybe they are.


10. Eating Aliens.



9. Eating anything that is green.



8. Learning how to fly like a dog.




7. Carrots, because toads like carrots.



6. Mario because Mario is a friend to toad.



5. Dinosaur eggs, because they want to have a baby dinosaur for breakfast. That is the only reason they lay eggs, to lay a dinosaur egg.



4. Waging war against humanity, and believe me in the year 2018, they will destroy us.



3. Becoming King of the secret toad agency.



2. Becoming President of Toad Landia



1. Flies

Free Rice

Today we had to choose an activity. I chose one called Free Rice.  I chose this activity because it was fun, helpful, and easy to do. What is free rice? Well… free rice is a website that helps your vocabulary. All you have to do is answer a bunch of questions related to vocabulary. All the questions are easy and it actually helps you. All you have to do to participate, is click on the link above. Plus for every question you answer correctly you donate ten real grains of rice to people who are actually really hungry.Main Course: Spring Vegetable Risotto ulterior epicure via Compfight



5 minute writing – Confidence


We have to write for five minutes about a quote. I chose this one. There are so many people who will say you can’t. What you have to do is turn around and tell them,”Watch me.”

I think this applies for everyone single person in the world except for criminals, mad scientists, and to people who are going to use this to do something stupid. This also doesn’t apply to people who are going to use this when they say I am going to fly. Never let anyone bring you down. The only reason they say you can’t, is because they are jealous of how awesome you are. Let me tell you something. If you set your mind to it. Chances are you will have a better chance of achieving it than some who doesn’t care about it. I am very sorry to say this, but if you set your mind to being a president chances are you won’t become president. 🙂 😐 🙁

Slice of life

In school we had to write about an amazing moment in our lives. So I chose to write about the time I got to the world finals for Odyssey of the Mind. This is a creative thinking competition where you had to create an eight minute play that followed the rules of a problem you picked. I hope you enjoy.



The Results of the Mind



People say If you want something you gotta work for it, and you have to have faith in yourself. When people said inspirational quotes and phrases, like “You can do it if you set your mind to it,” I was always annoyed. Thats because I always thought, “Yeah, right!” since I never really believed stuff like that until Odyssey of the Mind helped me believe.


If it was a normal weekend, I’d be playing videogames or would be outside playing with my friends, but today was an important day for me. Today is the day of the Odyssey of the Mind states competition. It is a creative thinking competition, and our team won the regionals competition. We had to create a eight minute play that followed the rules of the scenario that you chose. Our play was basically about a purple, misunderstood sea monster known as the kraken. I was very excited about us winning the regionals and moving on to states.


“Hurry up, Abhi, your teams probably waiting for us. I’m older than you and I am the one who is walking faster. my mom said in an impatient tone.


“Okay, okay. Give me a second” I said in an annoyed voice. I walked slowly toward the maroon colored brick high school searching for my team. Our team included 6 people, four girls and two boys,(Not the best odds in the world.) We were all from the same school; Mill Run Elementary. Eventually I saw them sitting on the high school’s concrete steps waving at me. “Hi,” I said. “ Abhi, you’re late!” said one of my team members in a funny way. I rolled my eyes at him, “ lets just go” He smiled and we quickly entered the high school. On the outside the high school seemed big, but on the inside it was humongous. Maybe it was because it had to be big enough for hundreds of tall high schoolers to fit in the room. I looked down the hallway. It seemed to go on forever and then some. It felt like the school was one big plain cardboard box with a billion colorful things inside of it. Everywhere I looked all I saw was paintings. My team, my coaches, my mom, and I sat next to some colorful lockers and began to talk about random things.


It took two hours but felt like a million years. We entered the bright lit cafeteria, littered with tables and vending machines, and saw lots of faces I didn’t recognize, but I did see my mom’s face amidst all those faces. “Good luck. You guys are going to be great. Remember speak loudly and keep eye contact with the judges.” said our coaches. The judges were up in the front of the cafeteria so they could get the best view of our amazing play.We walked to the front of the cafeteria and we gathered our supplies that our coaches put there before we came to the high school. Then we moved to the designated area in the cafeteria where we would perform our play. I was trembling with fear, using the cold air as an excuse to rattle my teeth. I started biting my nails but stopped after I took a deep long breath.


The timekeeper, who was wearing a clown hat, had a stopwatch. She said, “ 3,2,1, begin.” We scrambled out in front of the judges and set up our props.


“ Once upon a time…” my teammate began to say. After eight quick minutes for us and the audience, our play was done and people began to give us a round of applause. I was glad we got our play out of the way. Our play was okay, but… We exited the room with nervous looks on our faces. We were all thinking the same thing, “Would we be good enough to win.”


After an hour of sitting and waiting on the hard wooden gym that was slowly building up with people to form the biggest crowd in the world, we were about to find out. If there was an award for the noisiest crowd in the world, this would definitely be it. The gym was enormous with bleachers on both sides of the walls towering over my head. If the bleachers fell It would crush us all. So I sat on my knees half hoping the bleachers would fall so I wouldn’t have to hear the spokesperson tell us that we didn’t win. Eventually the spokes person, who would tell us the results appeared and tried to calm everyone down.  He was wearing a black tuxedo. Not a lot of people noticed him, but the ones who did raised their hand to make a peace sign. After a minute or two of loud conversation everyone finally settled down.


Once everyone was all settled down, the spokesman said in a loud booming voice, “ Drum roll, please.” A loud drum roll started and then fell silent. Just before he said the results, the world slowed down. I could see everything, every single person in the room right down to the very last detail, I could see my mom looking at the judge with worry and anticipation, my coaches with a worried expression, my teammates all closing their eyes and praying, and the glistening trophy on the wooden table. I closed my eyes and kept thinking over and over again; ”Please let me win.” I knew it wouldn’t work but I had to try. With my eyes still closed, I waited for the words that would tell me that our team lost. “The winner of the Odyssey of the Mind states competition is… Mill Run elementary school!”


My team and I jumped up onto our feet and yelled, “Yes!” as loud as we could. We sprinted toward the stage, but as I ran across the wooden floor stamping my feet, I saw peoples disappointed faces turn our way, as we held the trophy high above our heads. “Congratulations” the spokes person said to us. “ Thank you” I said. When we went home that day, I felt like I was the happiest, luckiest person alive. I was so full of joy my parents probably thought I would pop like a balloon. I was so happy that nothing my sister, (that won the award for most annoying person in the world) said would bring me down. I thought to myself, “Now, I believe what they say!” I believe that if you want something really badly you have to work hard for it. I believe that if you have faith in yourself a lot of things will go your way.  I AM A BELIEVER.


5 minute writing – Proud

Today Is My Birthday! Also Today is a day where we have to write about one word for only 5 minutes. I chose Proud. So I am going to list all the things I am proud of on my birthday.

Glitter Text Generator Image result for funny birthday images

Image result for funny birthday images

1. I am proud to be awesome.

2. I am proud to have a wonderful family.

3. I am proud to say that I got a Ps4.

4. I am proud off all that I have done.

5. I am proud of who I am.

6. I am proud of what I have become.

7. I am proud of all my friends.

8. I am proud that India is a beast at cricket.

9. I am proud that I own a pair of Heelys.

10. I am proud of living in the U.S.A.

11. I am proud of being the owner of an awesome blog.

12. I am proud to attend an awesome school.

13. I am proud of being a bookworm.

14. I am proud of being good at video games.

15. I am proud to be a amazing skateboarder.

16. I am proud of being able to solve the rubix cube.

17. I am proud of being smart.

18. I am proud of getting 3rd place in a Math Tournament.

19. I am proud of getting into the world finals of Oddessy of the Mind.

20. I am proud of being Human


Glitter Text Generator


Since it is 2015 we have to pick one little word. It will help us when we are writing and it will keep us in check during 2015.

My one little word for 2015 is why.

Why? Why does our big, blue, beautiful world exist? Why do we swing our arms while we walk? Why do we eat insects? Why does my foot have 10 different fungi on it? Just kidding. Billions and billions of questions; but sadly not enough answers.” It’s okay though Why is it okay? Well, because there are things that are better left unknown. All of these questions that may or may not have answers to them are all started by one little word: why? So why did I choose this word? Well, I chose this word because why is such a strong word. When you say why, it means you are curious. Although curiosity killed the cat, without curiosity, we would’ve never advanced forward.We would still be in the stone age. We wouldn’t have computers,electronics, or things that are as simple as chocolate. Everything around you was achieved with curiosity. And curiosity is started by asking one small, simple question. Why? Another reason I chose this word is because it is short. That’s right, I chose this word because it was short. I don’t like big fancy words even though I know what they mean. I also love how it is spelled. It is also a very unique word. It’s a one of a kind word. If you looked up why in a thesaurus, you wouldn’t find a single word that would be the same. All in all, why is the greatest question you could ask. Unless you just keep asking why to get on someone’s nerves.

Where I Am From

Where I am From

I am from my fluffy as a dog soft zebra striped chair

From frustrating video games that take eons to beat

to books that are as tall as a skyscrapers

I am from lazy Sundays and brown leather recliners

I am from my brick and white planked house

From luxurious food that tastes like heaven, and

the smell of lukewarm fudge brownies that melt on your tongue

I am from my 48 inch flat screen T.V that I watch every week

I am from the pinkish white tall cherry blossom tree

that has been with me for all my life

From white sweet Honeysuckles,and bright colorful

flowers in my front yard that are sweets for my eyes

I am from Spongebob’s and Tom and Jerry’s ridiculous antics

and my supporting, and loving mom and dad who I love

I am from the Fairfax hospital in 2003,

From Poojas and lit up Diwali fireworks

I am from my annoying family, and

my evil little sister who is worse than Miley Cyrus

From the “Don’t give ups,” and “Keep Tryings”

I am from Chipotle’s tacos and Pei Wei’s Lo mein Noodles

I am from scrumptious paneer and chapatis

From the endless hours spent at my homework table

I am from all my trophies and medals on the wall,

But the most important ones are the memories glued to my heart

Do You Really Know Santa? The Santa Interview!

   ATTENTION BLOG VIEWERS! This post would not be

possible without the help from my friend, Aidan N. 

           Do you really know Santa? Sure he may be big and jolly on the outside, but remember. Never judge a book by its cover. Today I will be going inside that jolly old fellow. Lets take a look at who he really is. (Please do not take any offense if you do not like the fact that I make Santa look bad. It is only a story made for purposes of fun.) Enjoy! 🙂

Anime Abhi: Hello Santa!

Santa: Helllloooo Abhi. Are you having a jolly good day?

Anime Abhi: Yeah…

Anime Abhi: So lets get down to business. What is your real name?

Santa: Well its Santa of course!

Anime Abhi: Really?

Santa: Of course.

Anime Abhi: But look right here I pulled some strings, and I found your birth certificate right before this interview. 🙂

Santa: Oh no he has my birth certificate what am I going to do.

Anime Abhi: So lets take a look shall we. Anime Abhi takes out an envelope. And pulls Santa’s birth certificate out.

Santa: Wait. Wait. Wait. Come on now. Do you reaalllly need the birth certificate. Who knows, it might be a fake.

Anime Abhi: If it is a fake, then there’s no harm done.

Santa: I insist. Please, don’t open it.

Anime Abhi: hmm-mm… Why so secretive Santa? hmmmmm. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anime Abhi: Lets take a look at it shall we.

Santa: Wait!!!


 Anime Abhi: What is it now?

Santa: well, Um, the thing is. Wait I know. Lets all sing a Christmas carol.

Anime Abhi: Okay. I’ll start. “Deck the halls with boughs of jolly. We are are are are… going to open it.”

Anime Abhi: Santa! No wonder you didn’t want me to open it!

Santa: Yes! Finally you understand. So you aren’t going to tell anyone right?

Anime Abhi: Of course.

Anime Abhi: Not!

Anime Abhi: Psyche

Anime Abhi: So Santa your real name is…

Anime Abhi: Fatty Mc Smelly Pants

Santa: Nooooo! Of course not. I mean. What makes you think that. Old Pal. Or should I say New Pal.

Anime Abhi: Speaking of new.

Anime Abhi: Your age is… One week old!?

Anime Abhi: How is that even possible.

Santa: It must have been a typo. Come on. What? Do you really think I am a week old.

Santa: I mean, seriously. It’s not like I’m a clone created by the CIA to stalk you and gather Intel on you. Ho Ho Ho. 

Anime Abhi: Um…

Anime Abhi: Actually…

Anime Abhi: It says right here that what you just said was true…

Santa: That is a story for another day.

Anime Abhi: But for right now lets change the subject.

Santa: No complaints here.

Anime Abhi: How many people are on your good list this year?

Santa: Hmm let me see. Santa took out a loooooooooooooooong scroll that was ten miles long, and started to count.

Ten excruciatingly long hours later…

Santa: Nine hundred ninety-nine million, nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine.

Santa: 1 billion

Anime Abhi: So are you done?

Santa: Yes.

Anime Abhi: So what I am hearing is. That you have 1 billion people on your good list?

Santa:No. Are you crazy?!

Anime Abhi: No. So how much do you have?

Santa: I have exactly Zero people on my good list.

Anime Abhi: What!!!!!????

Anime Abhi: I am not on your good list?!

Santa: Well whats your name? Maybe I have you on my list.

Anime Abhi: Never mind?

Santa: Hmmm… I am not sure that I have a “Never mind” on my list.

Anime Abhi: Yeah… Okay…

Anime Abhi: So… How many people do you have on your Naughty list?

Santa: Exactly… Gimme a day or two This might take a while…

Santa threw the empty nice list away and pulled out a scroll that wrapped around the earth 100 times.

100 excruciating eons later.

Santa: I have exactly zero people on my naughty list.


Santa: Let’s see shall we…

Anime Abhi: Here we go again.

Santa: I have a scroll of my problems somewhere around here. 

Santa: But I have to warn you. It wraps around the universe several times.

Anime Abhi: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa: Okay. Okay. No need to go trough all that trouble anyway.

Anime Abhi: Do you even have a Nice and Naughty list?

Santa: Nope

Anime Abhi: Then What were those scrolls about anyway?

Santa: What scrolls?

Anime Abhi: 🙁

Anime Abhi: If you don’t have those lists… Then what about the song that goes “He’s making a list. And he’s checking it twice.”

Santa: That must have been the other santas.

Anime Abhi: I thought there was only one Santa.

Santa: Remember I am a clone.

Anime Abhi: Oh… But then the song goes, ” Santa Claus is coming… To town.

Santa: What town do I go to.

Anime Abhi: Every Christmas you give presents to the good boys and girls right?

Santa: Nope.

Anime Abhi: Then if that isn’t your occupation, what is your occupation.

Santa: Well it’s bringing presents to all the good children in the world. That is what Santa Claus is all about.


Anime Abhi: Oh for the love of-

So there you go That is all for now. If you want to hear the story of Santa Claus and the Clones. Just make sure to comment on my blog. If at least ten people comment saying to make the story. Then I will. Until then. Enjoy The Holiday season. 🙂






Top Ten Sounds That Make Me Want To Rip My Ears Out.


Renfe AVE, Atocha Railway Station – Estación de Atocha, Madrid HDR

10. The sound of a Train.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marc via Compfight

Lightning Strikes Following the Rain

9. Thunder.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bo Insogna, via Compfight

Creaking Door

8. Creaking.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Olly Lowe via Compfight


7. Whistles.

Photo Credit: Kate Ter Haar via Compfight

this is how they all look to me

6. Screaming

Photo Credit: greg westfall via Compfight

Alarm Clock 2

5. Alarm clocks.

Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver via Compfight

The book

4. Books getting slammed.

Photo Credit: Dave Heuts via Compfight


3. Chalk screeching on a chalkboard

Photo Credit: John Morgan via Compfight

Nyan Case Finished

2. The Nyan Cat Theme Song.

Photo Credit: Taryn via Compfight

1. My Sister Singing

Absurdity Day – How Smiley Faces Didn’t Take Over The World

            BANG,BANG,BANG! How could I forget the front door. I ran as quick as I could to the last couch that was left. I pushed it to the do the front door to barricade it. I need more time. “Anton quick I need twenty more minutes!!!” ” I’m coming!” He ran down the porcelain stairs and took out his sword. He stood in front of me to protect me from anything that came to hurt me. I ran to the computer and started typing again. How could this have happened so suddenly. They came from outer space, they landed in the Southern Indian ocean. Then they took over Australia, than they took over Asia!! Europe, then Africa then Antarctica then South America. After that They almost took over North America. Me and Anton were the only rebels left, everyone else are their mindless slaves. By “They’ I mean the same things that are trying to break into our house, the same things that took over countless universes, and countless dimensions.  “They,” are…the smiley faces. But the worst of all, the one thing that made us lose all hope… is that it all happened in a matter of weeks.

                 CRASH!!!! The front door disintegrated. No. Not now. I’m to close. Why? We don’t stand a chance now.  “Anton quick, I’m so close!!” I said. A blast of light emerged from the laser cannon that one of them held with their teeth. Anton deflected it with his pure titanium sword that was indestructible. We just might have a chance. So close. I quickly glanced at the scene behind me. Oh no. They had Anton surrounded. They were shooting at him as fast as they could. But Anton has been training his whole life. he could defeat them with his eyes closed, and that was exactly what he was doing. he was in the zone, nothing could stop him now. Sizzle. The wall melted in an instant. A flash of blinding light light erupted from the wall. Boom. Boom. Boom. Thunder boomed everywhere. No not him, there is no way its him! The shooting stopped, all of the smiley faces bowed down. Then as fast as lightning a huge machine operated by a smiley face(A.K.A. a “Titan”) shot at Anton. I saw the bullet in slow motion. It was heading toward Anton. it was half way there, Anton just started to move out of the way when it struck him. His legs started to disappear and it was spreading up to his shoulders.

                  He looked at me and said “I love you sis.” Then he smiled and he disappeared.A sudden burst of rage erupted through out my whole body. How could they do this to me.They took  away my brother. Tears streamed down my eyes. I turned to the computer and typed faster than I have ever typed before. Done. But not quite yet. I programmed it to automatically hook to a satellite and fry all the smiley faces into oblivion. Right now the file is loading on the computer. All I have to do is survive and make sure they don’t destroy the computer. I sprinted as fast as I can to Anton’s sword that lay on the ground. I picked it up and ran as as fast I could to guard the computer. Just like Anton I also trained in the art of the swords for one year less than Anton. That one year was spent learning how to program and other technological things. The Titan finally noticed me. He quickly aimed and fired at me but I knew what was coming. I jumped out of the way just before it hit me.

          I need to find its weakness. I ran around it in circles, chopping up smiley face soldiers that were spectating. There! When he shoots, his left flank is exposed right near its armpits. I stopped running and stood there waiting. The Titan was laughing probably thinking I was an idiot for standing still. Then just as he was about to shoot I ran at full speed right at him. He had a shocked expression at first but it quickly turned into a stretched out scary smile.He shot three times at me. The first one was aimed at my chest. I quickly dodged right and the other two shots missed me. I ran up to his left side that that was still exposed and stuck my sword into his side near his armpit. It fell down to the ground in a very slow fashion. Then I heard it say “Self destruct sequence activated. Ten seconds till vaporization. Then the house was swarmed with smiley face soldiers. the all had me surrounded from all sides and I couldn’t do anything about it. I slowly reached for the sword but then…. Bam! A bullet nearly shot my arm off. So this is how it ends. After everything we have done. We were so close, well thanks to the smiley faces I was so close. Anton’s sacrifice was for nothing. I closed my eyes and waited for my death sentence. Zzzzwuup! I quickly opened my eyes to see that the Titan had vaporized. Then… Thud! Clank! Thud! One by one the smiley faces dropped and were fried to crisp. They all turned from yellow to brown and then to ashes. I stood in shock at the scene around me. Then it hit me, the program uploaded to the satellites and now all around the world people are regaining conscious and the smiley faces are no more. Then a wave of sadness overcame me. Anton is gone.

           ” Sis, keep moving forward” cooed Anton.

           I looked up and yelled in delight,”Anton?!” But there was no answer. I knew it was just a figment of my imagination but at the same time I feel that what he said is true. That I should keep moving forward. I looked around my house and said, ” Time to get to work.”


Do you want another Smiley face story? Leave a comment below.

Visit my friends blog  this post was on absurdity just like mine. It is crazy


The Titan’s scary stretched out smile. is where I got this image.

A Long Walk to Water Poem

In our class we are reading  A LONG WALK TO WATER. This is a intriguing book that I enjoyed. On a scale one to ten, I would rate it 7.5. But that is only my opinion, in the book there is suspense, action, and it is a very emotional book. It is set in two time periods with two different characters in each time period. One time period is set in 1985 and the character’s name is Salva Dut. It takes place in Southern Sudan and his country is at war and war strikes his home. Many things happen on his walk to walk to Ethiopia, and many more things after. The second time period takes place in 2008 and the character is Nya. She is a girl who lives in a village in Southern Sudan like Salva. Everyday she walks a long way to a pond filled with dirty water and carries 50 pounds of it back to her village. Then she eats lunch and does it again. No one in her village goes to school because they need water. Until one day some strangers come to their village…. So down below is a poem on Salva’s side of the story.  

  A war struck his home,

he walked on.

He lost his family,

he walked on.

He crossed the Nile

miles away,

but still he walked on

His friend was eaten by a lion,

and his uncle shot by a gun.

Yet still he walked on

He lived in a refugee camp for 6 years,

And then he was driven out and saw many die.

Yet even though this happened,

he walked on.

He lead 1500 boys and

walked on for a year and a half.

He found another refugee camp but fled,

and he walked on.

Why does he walk on?

He has lost many things.

His friends, his home, his family, his childhood.

Maybe he is crazy, or maybe he has….


Maybe he knows that his friends and family would want him to keeping moving forward

Step – By – Step

Or maybe he has HOPE that he will find a new life 

A new reason to live

What ever the reason maybe,


Had a long walk 

Before he could truly live his life



My Perfect School

My perfect school would be heaven for students. Not only would we learn but we would have fun and we would relax  at the same time we learn. We would  have 4 Jacuzzi s in each class and students could sit inside and their would be tables to write on in the Jacuzzi s. We would have world class teachers that make teaching fun and everyone would still learn the same things that they would learn at regular school and more. Students would have custom built schedules that fit their pace of learning and we would have as many rooms as we needed. Everyone would be friendly to everyone, and we would still give the same amount of homework but they will be adjusted depending on your classes.

Only a portion of the school.

The locker area would be humongous with lockers adjusted to your height for easy access and instead of a combo, all you have to do is scan your eye. The gymnasium would be very big with all kinds of stuff that you could use to exercise and work out. We would have a world class library with every single book you can imagine with an automated book shelf that would give you the book you needed by typing the books name in the computer. The cafeteria would have all kinds of food, and they would make it all very healthy. We would have top level scientists work with our students to help them in the course of science. We would have famous people who are smart and specialize in one subject to visit the class and help them learn.

We would go on field trips all around the world in private jets. Our security would be world class, and everything would be free as long as you pass the test required to get in to the school. We would have every single club you could think of and then some. Buses would go every where, and where they can’t a helicopter or private jet would pick them up and drop them off at school. There would also be a indoor swimming pool, bowling arena, arcade, and a high tech computer facility. The bathrooms would always be clean no matter what. That is what my perfect school would be like.




Anime Abhi’s First Blog Post


Hi, my name is Abhi. I am eleven years old and I am so

excited about blogging. The first time I heard that we

were blogging, I thought that it wouldn’t be very fun.

But the moment I picked a good blog background I

instantly knew that I would love blogging. Some

people might be wondering why I picked my Blog title,

Anime Abhi’s Blog, well I love anime, and my name is

Abhi. If you don’t know what anime is, it is basically

Japanese cartoons. Some things I would talk about in

my blog are books, duh, I’m a bookworm. I’d also talk

about lots of other things like songs, movies, animals

etc. Right now I am reading two books. The Alex Rider

series and the School of Good and Evil. Both are

amazing books. If you have suggestions for my blog

feel free to comment. I love getting comments because

it means that someone read my blog. So if you don’t have

anything to say just comment; I read your blog. Also,

who ever has the best comment that makes me smile,

laugh, I like, or just entertain me, I will give them

the spot of superhero of the week. Thank you to everyone who read this post.